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Tears, Fights, Lonely Nights | Illuminate The Shadows

January 28, 2017


To a room of friends, family & love we opened our #BattleOfMe tour last night. An intimate showing of our new songs, a night filled with laughter and tears as it should be, when we open our hearts. We are beginning our new chapter, stepping into the unknown with wonder, amazement, fear and excitement. Four years ago we played the Short Close Song Shelter in Ladysmith  and last night to a room filled with many of the same faces, we shared ourselves again. We beamed with gratitude and pride, reveling at the extent of our evolution and the continual acceptance we receive of our vulnerable selves. 

We are three songwriters who have shattered the traditional model of a career in music, we are three families committed to this path no matter the sacrifice, we are three boys who found the cathartic joy of artistic expression & we are three men who have found each other.

Bound by a willingness to rise and fall, never steering far from our pre determined course. Fueled by passion and a desire to leave behind a legacy of love. Driven to completely realize the full potential of our gifts, with the knowledge that it is our duty to share with the world. The hours of travel, the weeks away from home, the uncertainty of what the month holds, the tears, the fights, the lonely nights all to share a collection of songs. We find the strength to endure because within those songs lies over a hundred years of life experience to share. Within those songs lies invitations for positive self reflection, through having more compassion for oneself and the world. Within those songs are the benefits of being open to change, to life, to love, to accepting hardship, success and all the beauty of the dark and the light. Within those songs lies Christopher Arruda, Cory Woodward & Ryan McMahon, three men destined to meet, to share their voices as one, illuminating the shadows and adding color to a world that can seem so grey at times. MUCH LOVE AND APPRECIATION TO ALL WHO HAVE BEEN WITH US SO FAR...now let's see what the next chapter holds!



#lionbearfox #loveyou

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February 10, 2020

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