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Tracking Complete!

March 8, 2016


Hey boys and girls,


Lion here, coming to you from the sunny, trash-addled pretention of West Hollywood! I'm down here on all business Lion Bear Fox related, to help our new music hit your sweet ear-holes as soon as possible.  We certainly hope that the winter has been treating you well but if you're feeling blue just remember, spring is just around the corner!


We're feeling anything but blue these days as we're finally putting the finishing touches on our new self-titled LP.  We spent ten glorious days in the wilds of Duncan, B.C. at The Woodshop Studio with our brother Nygel Asselin tracking this album.  The songs are really taking shape and we're very proud of our little music baby!  We'd like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank-you to Zack at the Woodshop and also to everyone that helped us in the studio - either by driving someone, picking something up, preparing us delicious food or sending us virtual hugs by way of facebook!


Here are some snaps of us in the studio, we can't wait for April to get out and start playing shows for you fine folks again.  We'll be through parts of the island and BC so if you'd like to see us, check out our shows page for a full list.  





More juicy LBF news in the next few weeks!

We love you,


Lion, Bear and Fox.




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February 10, 2020

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